If you ask a class of students to make a list of global problems, they can fill a whiteboard in a minute. But ask them to list promising solutions — and the board stays mainly empty.


Our heads are filled with problems. The news dwells on them. Many courses focus on social critiques but overlook current models of constructive social change. Rather than feeling equipped to build a better society, many students feel overwhelmed or powerless in the face of the world’s ills and injustices.

Behind most social problems are people struggling to advance change. Many are advancing creative ideas. Yet, these emerging ideas are difficult to find…until now.

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A platform that immerses students and educators in a universe of responses to social problems and connects them with a like-minded community who are using the power of solutions journalism to build a better world.

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  • SolutionsU has unlimited potential: for students developing project ideas, in providing leads for field research on solving intractable social problems, and for helping educators with well-vetted and organized teaching content and materials.
    — Robert Lyon, Assistant Professor, NYU Stern School of Business